About Southwark Refugee Response

Southwark Refugee Response is a volunteer community supporting local organisations in their work to help refugees and asylum seekers in the borough.

We aim to:

  • Increase local support for refugees and asylum seekers by organising awareness-raising events
  • Convert that support into practical help for local organisations – matching their needs with volunteers and donations
  • Help local residents feel that they can make a tangible, local difference in the face of an international crisis

We currently work with the Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers (SDCAS), the Southwark Refugee Communities Forum (SRCF) and the Southwark Refugee & Migrant Project (SRMP).

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About the organisations

Southwark Day Centre for Asylum Seekers (SDCAS) – founded in 1996, SDCAS aims to provide a wide range of holistic services in a safe and welcoming environment through day centre provision, to help meet the needs of local asylum seekers.

Through general advice and help, SDCAS facilitates access to a range of mainstream services, with particular emphasis on health, housing, employment, training, education and asylum issues. The sociable atmosphere of the day centres provides refugees with the opportunity to build their own social networks, which reduces the level of isolation so often felt by this disenfranchised group.

Southwark Refugee Communities Forum (SRCF) – founded in 2003, SRCF membership consists of 32 Southwark-based refugee-led organisations, set up by the different communities.

SRCF provides capacity building support to these small community groups with issues such as funding and governance. By facilitating the development of confident and well-managed RCOs, SRCF supports individual refugees and asylum seekers.

Southwark Refugee & Migrant Project (SRMP)  – founded in 1991 to help refugees and asylum seekers help themselves become independent members of the local community.

SRP was created by refugees and is managed mainly by refugees. SRMP provides information and advice on training and employment, volunteering and social activities.

SRMP has in the past provided a much-needed advice service on issues such as welfare rights and housing.